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Taupo’s natural wonders and range of outdoor activities make it an inviting destination for groups. Whether it’s exploring Huka Falls, enjoying water sports on Lake Taupo, or hiking in the nearby Tongariro National Park, there’s adventure for everyone. The town’s relaxed ambiance and accessibility enhance team bonding, creating lasting memories.

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Taupo Group Accommodation

Team Trips has handpicked the best group accommodation in the majestic lakefront setting. Our budget accommodation is perfectly positioned in the CBD and close to all the bars. We have spacious self-contained apartments with a pool onsite. Alternatively, you can stay in 3-star luxury accommodation with gorgeous views of Lake Taupo and spend the day relaxing in the onsite mineral thermal pools or indulging in a spa treatment.

Taupo Group Accommodation
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Get ready for some heart-pumping action! Our Team Trips activities in Taupo will see you embark on thrill-seeking adventures like a hair-raising skydive or bungee jump, quad biking, paintball skirmish, go-karting, or give clay shooting a whirl. When you’re on the down low, enjoy a game of golf, party with your team on a luxury three-hour boat cruise, or have a bonding dinner with your teammates with a generous bar tab.

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There are so many attractions to expore which are all set against the stunning backdrop of a natural wonderland, being the ultimate playground for adventure seekers. You can take a scenic cruise of Maori carvings on Lake Taupō, marvelling at the craftmanship of the Ngātoroirangi Māori carvings, explore Lake Taupo on a private yacht cruise, visit the mighty Huka Falls, soak in the hot spring’s waters in Wairakei Terraces. Of course, skiing and snowboarding are on the agenda for your bonding team experience here.

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One of the best ways to take advantage of your Team Trip to Taupo is with our tailored group packages. We like to package our most popular experiences from past teams to maximise the value for our groups.

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