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With beautiful beaches and luxury accommodations at a fraction of the price you would find elsewhere, it’s easy to see why Bali has long been a favourite destination for New Zealanders and Aussies. With its tropical weather, stunning surroundings and culinary delights, each island has something for everyone.

In Seminyak, you’ll feel the chic, vibrant atmosphere where modernity meets tradition. While in Canggu, you’ll embrace the surf and bohemian vibes, or why not immerse yourself in the cultural heart of Bali in Ubud? Explore the majestic cliffs and temples of Uluwatu or soak up the lively beaches and nightlife in Kuta. For a tranquil escape, head to the Gili Islands. Each spot presents a unique adventure, promising a blend of culture, relaxation, and excitement for your group trip!

Bali Luxury Accommodation team trips

Bali Luxury Accommodation

When it comes to luxury accommodation in Bali, we’re talking top-notch, mind-blowing five-star luxury resorts. They’re some of the finest in the world. Expect to have a private villa with your private, heated infinity pool, among the other luxury touches, including a personal butler. Most of the resorts feature multiple restaurants, pools with swim-up bars, lounges on Balinese gazebos or daybeds, rooftop bars, onsite spas, and a dedicated beach area for guests only.

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Bali Affordable Luxury Accommodation team trips

Bali Affordable Luxury Accommodation

Our affordable luxury accommodation is nothing short of show-stopping! You’ll find yourself in private villas with your own private pool among the other fab amenities like room service daily – and you can even have your own private chauffeur. There are great onsite restaurants, high-speed Wi-Fi, and the option of rejuvenating massage treatments near the pool. It’s bliss!

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Bali AIRBNB Accommodation group travel

Bali AIRBNB Accommodation

We have a host of great pads to rent out for your team during your Bali dream getaway. You’ll find jaw-dropping ocean villas with swimming pools, an amazing outside space for entertaining with sweeping views over the ocean, often having your own private beach access. There are so many fantastic houses up for grabs that will blow you away, making you feel like you’re living the dream.

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Bali Budget Accommodation group travel

Bali Budget Accommodation

Our budget accommodation often finds you relaxing at a property with a pool, bar, free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast served daily, listening to live music, tucking into a delicious BBQ, and even the chance to learn the art of yoga on lush green grounds. It doesn’t really resonate with what we’ve come to expect for budget accommodation, does it? But you get a lot more for your money in Bali, thus making our low-cost accommodation feel luxurious.

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