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Ready to embark on a food adventure with your team in Christchurch? Get ready as Team Trips takes you on a journey through some of the city’s most delicious eateries. Here are Christchurch’s must-visit spots where you and your team can indulge in mouthwatering dishes and create unforgettable memories…


Little High Eatery:


Start your foodie exploration at Little High Eatery, a trendy food court featuring restaurants, cafes and bars serving global flavours. Experience nine different local and family-run businesses offering everything from Japanese ramen and Mexican tacos to Italian pizza and classic Kiwi dishes. There’s something to satisfy every craving. Grab a seat at the communal tables, share a meal with your team, and bond over the delicious array of dishes on offer.

255 St Asaph Street, Christchurch


Christchurch Farmers’ Market:


Immerse yourself in the local food scene at the Christchurch Farmers’ Market, where you’ll find an abundance of fresh produce, artisanal products, and gourmet treats. The Christchurch Farmers’ Market is held every Saturday from 9am – 1pm and has been operating since 2004 making it one of Canterbury’s original food markets. Chat with local producers, sample delicious food samples, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere of this bustling market. It’s a foodie’s paradise that promises to delight your senses and support the local community. Relax under the shade of a protected tree or along the Avon riverbank, listen to live music and simply enjoy one of Christchurch’s special attractions.

Riccarton House and Bush – 16 Kahu Road, Fendalton


The Tannery:


The Tannery is a boutique shopping emporium on the banks of the Heathcote River in Woolston, Christchurch. Indulge in a gastronomic adventure at The Tannery, a historic complex that’s been transformed into a hub of culinary delights. Explore the boutique shops, artisan studios, and a diverse range of restaurants and cafes serving up delectable dishes. Whether you’re in the mood for fine dining or casual fare, The Tannery offers something for every palate. Take your team on a culinary journey through this charming destination and discover the flavours that make Christchurch unique.

3 Garlands Road, Woolston, Christchurch


New Regent Street:


Step back in time and savour the charm of New Regent Street, a picturesque laneway lined with pastel-coloured buildings and charming cafes and restaurants. Treat your team to anything you fancy with over 20 venues to try. Take on the world famous Waffle Haus food challenge to win a $50 Waffle Haus Voucher only if you successfully finish the required number of waffles within 1 hour! The Nook, nestled in New Regent Street, offers delectable local Thai cuisine with a wide selection of lunch and dinner options. Enjoy alfresco dining to fully immerse in the vibrant atmosphere. Don’t forget to snap some photos and soak in the ambiance of this iconic Christchurch landmark while sharing stories and laughter with your team.

New Regent St, Christchurch Central City


Riverside Market:


Experience the culinary diversity of Christchurch at Riverside Market, a bustling food hall offering a tantalising array of flavours and cuisines. Wander through the maze of stalls, sampling gourmet delights from local and international vendors. From artisanal cheeses and freshly baked pastries to gourmet burgers and Asian street food, Riverside Market is a food lover’s paradise that promises to delight your taste buds and ignite your senses. Take your team on for an adventure through this vibrant market and discover the diverse flavours of Christchurch.

96 Oxford Terrace, Christchurch Central City


Lyttelton Farmers Market:


Venture out of the city center and explore the seaside village of Lyttelton, home to a vibrant farmers market brimming with local produce and artisanal products. On any given Saturday the Lyttelton Farmers Market has from 35 to 50 stalls covering a broad range of fresh products, ranging from free-range eggs to freshly baked bread to meat & fish and cheeses. Enjoy live music, soak in the stunning harbour views, and savour the flavours of the region while bonding with your team in this idyllic setting. It’s the perfect opportunity to relax, unwind, and connect with your team in a beautiful coastal setting.

London Street, Lyttelton


From bustling food halls to quaint laneways and seaside markets, Christchurch offers a culinary adventure for every palate. With a diverse range of dining options to explore, you’re sure to create unforgettable memories with your team as you indulge in the delicious flavours of this vibrant city. Let Team Trips be your guide as you explore the best of Christchurch’s food scene and create lasting memories with your team.

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