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Jared Jeffery

09 Dec, 2023, 2:53 pm


auckland group activities

If you are looking for some activities to bring your team closer together then why not take a look at some of the recommendations below from Team Trips New Zealand. With years of party planning experience in creating tailored itineraries and group days to bring teams closer together through bonding activities. You know you are in terrific hands for your upcoming team bonding experience. So, lets take a look below at some potential options for a day out:

Fishing Charters Auckland

A good old fishing charter is a great way to bring a group of lads closer together. Usually there is a lot of competition focused on who can bring in the biggest fish. You know this is always going to be a hit option for any lads who enjoy a day relaxing with some good laughs on the water. Usually fishing charters around Auckland are ideal for small groups with 10 or less people wanting to attend the activity. Charters need to ensure they have enough equipment and space on deck for everyone so that is why it is ideal for smaller groups. If you are considering a fishing charter in Auckland get in touch with Team Trips NZ to find out some availability and prices for your group.

Golf Day on North Shore

A golf day out on one of Aucklands well maintained golf courses is a great experience for small groups. Usually up to 8 people is ideal as you can split your teams into 4 to make for an easy 9 or 18 holes. There are plenty of options to create mini games for prizes throughout like longest drive, longest put, closest to the pin and lowest score for the day to name some. You will be spoilt with a beautiful backdrop of some of Auckland’s most relaxing scenery.

High Ropes Courses

If you are looking for a way to stimulate some group work around a course, then why not put your group up in the sky through a high ropes course to test their mental strength. High ropes courses are a great way to put your small group in uncomfortable and new territories they wouldn’t have experienced before. There are some courses to test different abilities for beginners, through to advanced abilities. You will have the option for low and high courses to choose from with many having function spaces for a party onsite afterwards.

Murder Mystery Party

If you haven’t ever been to a murder mystery party with your team then you need to put this on your list of must do items. This is a really fun night with an entertaining host and multiple themes to choose from. Plenty of problem solving and funny activities to engage in throughout the night to solve the murder mystery of the night.

Paintball Skirmish Auckland

Paintball is a traditional group activity which is ideal for small groups looking for a good half day activity. 4 – 6 hours all up of shooting and lunch with your team. This is an easy to organise team bonding activity requiring team work from all participants. And not to mention usually a great way to let off some steam and enjoy some quality laughs afterwards. There are a number of mini games to engage in throughout the day making for a great team bonding activity.

Small Group Accommodation in Auckland

A team trip to Auckland wouldn’t be possible without some group accommodation options for everyone to rest their head in at the end of the night. There are a number of suitable options to suit budgets of all sizes: 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments which can accommodate small groups of 5 – 10 people. Get in touch with our group accommodations booking team for a range of options and be sure to book in advance to ensure your best chance of availability.

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